Saturday, 18 July 2015

Android : Eclipse emulator not starting up (or not found)

While working on Android projects frustrating things do happen. Like the problem with emulator. While ADT is an excellent add on for Eclipse it has one small problem, that is some times emulator doesn't start up. While I am still looking for the reason and permanent solution, I found a temporary solution.
  • Run the CMD
  • Then change the location of command prompt to the location to : path_to_sdk\sdk\platform-tools. For example if your sdk is installed in 'D' drive then your path should be : D:\sdk\platform-tools. To run cmd from this location first type "D:". This should change your default location to D:\>. Next type "cd sdk\platform-tools".
  • The reason why we had to perform the above step is that we have to run adb command.
  • The reason why emulator doesn't start up is because it is not connected to adb so you can verify if you have the same problem by running following command : adb devices. If your device doesn't show up follow the below steps, if it does show up  and still you have the problem it is probably some other issue.
  • Run the following command : adb kill-server
  • Then run : adb start-server
  • Then you can run : adb devices to check if your desired emulator is now connected to adb or not.
Hope this helps some troubled soul like me in future.