Saturday, 18 April 2015

SharePoint List View Threshold

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In this post I am gonna tell you about SharePoint list view threshold.

List View Threshold

List view threshold is a feature in SharePoint that allows you to limit maximum number of items that can be returned in a query for a list or library. When you understand list view threshold properly you will realize that its your friend not your foe. List view threshold is in place to improve the performance of SharePoint. The default value of list view threshold is 5000 items. Now you may ask why 5000?? What's so special about it? To answer this question we need to go to the back end. SharePoint stores all the data of a site collection in one table called AllUserData. And SQL Server locks a table if the query result exceeds 5000. So if you click on a list view which has more than 5000 items SQL Server will lock the AllUserData table till your query is finished. Till that time all the other users that may be trying to access data in other lists or libraries will have to wait. It's not just this. If you increase the list view threshold then the number of requests that SharePoint can handle decreases drastically.

Still sometimes it becomes necessary to increase the list view threshold limit till you find some permanent solution. You can do that by going to Central Admin --> Manage Web Application --> select your web application --> General Settings --> Resource Throttling.
But remember this is not permanent solution. There are few ways in which you can solve the puzzle of list view threshold. One is that you can create views and apply filters to limit the number of items returned for that view. But we know its not possible every time. So other solution is to move the items into folders on some basis of some categories. For example you can move documents into the folders of years and months according to their Created By date. In my next blog post I will explain how you can move large number of list items into folders using PowerShell Script.

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